Sunday, March 20, 2011


A monkey came from outside unexpectedly kissed the 3 months old baby and started giving a motherly care to the baby!!! This is happened at Srinivas Nagar, Ananthpur Dt in Andhra Pradesh, India.

On Thursday, 17th-Mar-2011 approx. at 11 AM the Monkey came to the house and started behaving the kid like its own baby.. Kishore & Gouthami are the parents of this baby. The baby's name is Honey.The kid's grand mother tried to put Jetty to the kid, the monkey taken the charge and done it..

It was reported by Hyderbad local news paper (Eenadu Daily)as 'Mujjanma Bandha'on 18th-March-2011.

Watching kid with love….

The 'Mother's fascination' on sleep..

The 'Mother's fascination' on sleep...